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World Tourism Day

Tourism & Green Investments

27 September 2023

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Faculty of Commerce, Human Sciences and Education
School of Commerce and Management

Hosted by the Department of Hospitality and Tourism 

The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) through it's Hospitality and Tourism Department will celebrate World Tourism Day, 27 September 2023, with the theme "Green Investment".

This celebration aims to network and present diverse perspectives, knowledge and expertise in the pursuit of best practices for "Green Investment" for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Get in Touch

For enquiries regarding the World Tourism Day at NUST, please contact the us using the form or contact information provided.


Name: Ms Liesl Liebenberg
T: +264 61 207 2423

Name: Ms Illony De Voss
T: +264 61 207 2093